Return materials authorization process

NOTE: Before proceeding, please verify if your product has a Dell service tag. For Dell service tagged products, please go to for more info.

If your product does not have a Dell service tag, please refer to the information below.

Return material authorization (RMA) process for Americas, APAC, EU, India, Japan and Oceania

Dell Wyse Service Regions supported by this process:

These regions may or may not correspond to the actual geographic regions.

US service region: Consists of the United States, Middle America, the Caribbean and South America.

Canada service region: Consists of Canada; all provinces.

Oceania service region: Consists of the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Timor, Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

APAC Service Region: Consists of Mainland China.

Japan service region: Consists of mainland Japan.

India Service Region:Consists of all of India.

EU service region: Consists of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe(France), Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique(France), Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

United Kingdom & Ireland (only for UK & Ireland Customers with Dell Wyse ARS contracts. Other Customers should contact a local ASC)

Requesting an RMA

To request an RMA please log into the self-service center. The Dell Wyse Self-Service center is our on-line access to all your support and service needs.

Major benefits:

  • A single portal for technical support and service.
  • You may assign more than one individual to request RMAs.
  • You may request and receive RMAs 24 x 7. No more waiting 24 hours to receive your RMA number.
  • You will receive automatic service center assignments based on your location and receive shipping instructions specifically for that location.
  • You may request multiple items, up to eight (8) on a single RMA number.
  • You will be able to check the real-time status of every RMA that is at one of our service centers.

Register in Self-Service Center (How to Register/Create RMA?)

The first step in obtaining access to the Dell Wyse Self-Service Center is registration. This is separate from new product registration we currently offer. Please register using the "Register Here" link at the top left of next page after clicking "Proceed to Self Service Center" button below. Upon approval you will receive an email with login information. The approval process takes between 24 to 48 hours during normal business hours. Once this is complete, you're on your way to experiencing the new interactive Dell Wyse Customer Support.

If you need assistance setting up your login account or requesting an RMA you may contact us by sending an email to

Warranty repair

There is no charge for a warranty repair providing there is no physical damage to your product. The RMA system will validate the warranty in one of two ways:

  • by validating the warranty using the date code that is embedded in the serial number. or
  • by validating the serial number against the warranty registration database.

If either of these two checks are valid a warranty RMA will be created.

If these checks fail and you have a valid proof of purchase showing that your Dell Wyse product is in warranty please register your products in the self service center, then request your RMAs again.

Out of warranty

If the serial number validation determines that that your Dell Wyse product is our of warranty you will be asked to provide a credit card as a method of payment

Out of warranty repair pricing

Desktop thin clients - Dell Wyse charges a flat rate of $150 for the repair of a desktop thin client. This price may be less if no parts are required to repair your device. The warranty for this repair is 90 days and covers only the original problem and solution. The warranty begins the day the repair is shipped to you.

Mobile thin clients - Dell Wyse charges a flat rate of $225* for the repair of a mobile thin client. This price may be less if no parts are required to repair your device. The warranty for this repair is 90 days and covers only the original problem and solution. The warranty begins the day the repair is shipped to you.

*Note: This price does not include the replacement of the LCD panel on our mobile thin clients. The cost to replace the LCD panel will be $195. In the event that LCD requires replacement Dell Wyse will notify you to obtain your approval before we proceed.

Repair warranty

The warranty for any repair is 90 days or the remaining months of the original warranty, whichever is longer. The repair warranty covers only the original problem and solution. The warranty begins the day the repair is shipped to you.

Note: RMA numbers are valid for ninety (90) days from date of issuance.

Shipping instructions

Please post the assigned RMA number on the outside of each box and ship your unit, freight prepaid, to the address specified on the detailed shipping instructions that you will receive with your RMA confirmation. In other words you are responsible for the inbound freight. For repairs in service locations outside of North America please ship your RMA freight prepaid Door to Door.

Please note: For thin client products it is not necessary to send in defective keyboards, mouse, or power adapters. If these items are defective, Dell Wyse will send you replacements. No return is necessary.

Turnaround, repair and return shipping

Dell Wyse will strive to repair your product within 3-5 business days from date of receipt barring any unforeseen problems.

Dell Wyse will repair your product with new and or refurbished parts. Parts replaced during the repair process become the property of Dell Wyse.

Upon completion of the repair Dell Wyse will ship the unit back to you freight prepaid. In other words Dell Wyse will pay the out bound freight charges. For shipments outside of the US Dell Wyse will ship the product freight prepaid, Door to Door.

Exchange/replacement product

Dell Wyse has the option under warranty to repair or replace a product with a like product. Dell Wyse classifies some replacement products as "R" stock. For better identification, we have marked them with an "R" after the part number. The serial number location is either on the bottom or back of the unit. The "R" stock meets new product specifications, looks ‘like’ new and is packaged in new boxes. The "R" stock may consist of new products previously used as sales demos, stock rotations, or repaired product. Any product used to replace a defective product carries the balance of the original product warranty. For example, if a 3-year warranted product is replaced after one year, the replacement product carries the balance of the two years of the remaining warranty.

Warranty Look-Up

To determine the warranty status of your Wyse thin client before you request an RMA please enter the serial number in the field below.