Support Plans

NOTE: Before proceeding, please verify if your product has a Dell service tag. For Dell service tagged products, please go to for more info.

If your product does not have a Dell service tag, please refer to the information below.

Choose the support plan that meets your needs.

Dell Wyse offers five support plans with varying levels of support, depending on your needs and budget. They include:

  • Standard (up to 3 incidents)
  • Bronze Premium (up to 5 incidents)
  • Silver Premium (up to 20 incidents)
  • Gold Premium (up to 50 incidents)
  • Platinum Premium (up to 75 incidents, plus 24/7 telephone support for Severity 1 incidents)

All levels include access to the Dell Wyse Self-service Center, where you’ll find Dell Wyse Quick Start Guides, Reference Manuals, Knowledge Base entries and other documentation.

For a description of Dell Wyse Support Plans, go to Dell Support for Wyse

If you need further assistance, please email us at