General purpose terminals

Lifecycle product matrix

General Purpose Terminals

Model Current status
WY-GPT EOL (2 May 2006)
WY-55 EOL (2006)
WY-55ES EOL (8 May 2006)
WY-60 EOL (11 Oct 2003)
WY-120/WY-150 EOL (17 Feb 2006)
WY-160 EOL (11 Oct 2003)
WY-185 EOL (17 Feb 2006)
WY-325 EOL (17 Feb 2006)
WY-520 EOL (11 Oct 2003)
MC5 EOL (17 Feb 2006)

All other Dell Wyse, Link and Qume models not listed in the table are EOL and are no longer supported via phone or email support.

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