Dell Wyse enables and enhances mobile user productivity with a variety of products and solutions geared to the increasingly mobile workforce. We provide mobile thin clients, downloadable apps for access to your work or home applications and files from anywhere, and SaaS-based mobile device management capabilities from the cloud.

Mobility software

Dell Wyse PocketCloud software enables iOS and Android mobile device users to access their work or home desktops, applications, and files from their handheld smartphones and tablet devices from anywhere. You can even move content between devices and conduct comprehensive searches across all of your configured computers.

Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that enables IT to securely manage personal and company owned devices, alongside access to corporate apps and content from a single console.

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Mobility hardware

Dell Wyse mobile thin clients are high-powered, compact devices that deliver brilliant graphics processing and advanced multimedia capability “to go”. Based on either Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded Standard 7, or Dell Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux, these sleek, diskless laptop devices are perfect for power users who need to take their thin client with them.