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Dell cloud client computing.

Any user. Any app. Any device.

The increasingly mobile workforce requires anytime, anywhere access to key data and applications. But how do you provide this kind of access, yet still maintain the necessary control, protection and support? Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS), provides on-premise and remote hosting of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that can enable any user to access any app from any device, securely and efficiently.

Dell offers a comprehensive set of solutions that include everything from the data center to the user device, with on-premise infrastructure, services, software, and device management services from the cloud. You can securely deliver applications and content from your cloud using robust, reliable, and scalable solutions comprised of servers, storage, networking components, service and end points. Dell also offers a CAPEX-free alternative with Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions using the global network of Dell data centers. So you can extend delivery from the data center to regional offices and from remote branches to roaming individuals.


Harness the power of the cloud with Dell Cloud Client Computing

Cloud client computing and the power of desktop virtualization is here. It’s real. And it can enable any user to access any app from any device – from the desktop to the data center, or from their hand-held device to the cloud.

The data center – powering, scaling, and extending the reach of the cloud

You can accelerate VDI deployments in your data center with pre-configured and pre-tested bundles that include everything you need to host all of your virtual machines and virtual desktops, to help ensure non-stop service and rapid growth. The Dell-powered data center offers powerful, massively scalable server and storage platforms coupled with networking designed to handle peak traffic loads of virtually any volume. In short, it is a secure, scalable foundation upon which any cloud can thrive.

Dell cloud client computing: Optimizing the secure end user experience

You can migrate to cloud-based computing at your own pace and on budget with Dell’s cloud client computing breadth, flexibility, and ease of integration. Our solutions are designed to make end user computing secure, affordable, easy to deploy, manage and maintain. Working in close partnership with key VDI ecosystem players like Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware, Dell offers established pre-configured solutions for private, public, hybrid and government VDI and cloud implementations. Dell cloud client computing products complement Dell servers, storage and networking; Dell cloud client computing products help to lower TCO, enable high security and deliver an exceptional user experience – at a fraction of the ongoing cost of traditional methods.

Dell offers a broad range of products covering all popular architectural approaches, including:

  • Server-based computing (examples: Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RDS)
  • VDI (examples: Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI Suites, VMware Horizon View)
  • Cloud PCs via Dell Wyse WSM
  • Shared computing via Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server
  • Web-based computing (examples:, other SaaS-based web apps).

Leading products from the datacenter to the end user – one superb solution

In the datacenter

Pre-configured and pretested Desktop Virtualization Solution bundles include:

  • An extensive line of server platforms designed to meet a broad range of performance and scalability requirements, including Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation servers.
  • Dell Fluid Data Architecture storage optimized for extreme end user computing workloads.
  • Dell PowerConnect and Force10 high-performance data center switches and routers.
  • DVS Simplified Appliance, a pre-configured VDI solution on Dell servers and all-in-one Citrix VDI-in-a-Box.
  • Dell DVS Enterprise – fully integrated, highly scalable VDI solution with your choice of VMware®, Citrix® or Microsoft software – and features optional design, implementation and support services.

Verified end-to-end solutions

Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions offer a variety of delivery models including:

  • End-to-end solutions. Pre-integrated data center infrastructure, virtualization software and services ready to be deployed in customer’s premises.
  • Reference architectures. Documents that describe a pre-engineered Dell architecture that can be easily deployed by customers or channel partners.
  • Desktop as a service. No capital expenses – virtual desktops are hosted in Dell’s cloud.
  • Components. World class desktop virtualization products including Dell security and management software, data center components, end points and services.

At the user end point

  • Dell Wyse thin clients, including the cost-effective T class, the high performance D class and Z class desktop thin clients, and X class mobile thin clients with your choice of Windows Embedded, Linux, or Dell Wyse ThinOS firmware for the ideal combination of capability, manageability and security.
  • Zero clients, including the P class zero client for VMware, Xenith zero client for Citrix, and E class zero client for Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server.
  • Cloud PCs, powered by Dell Wyse WSM software, for streamed OS image and application software on-demand from the secure server to client endpoints.
  • Dell’s lineup of Optiplex™ and Precision™ desktop PCs, Latitude™, Precision, and XPS™ laptops, and Latitude tablets.
  • Dell Wyse Device Manager and Dell Wyse Configuration Manager software to allow easy management for up to thousands of cloud client computing devices.
  • Dell Wyse PocketCloud for virtual desktop access from any iOS or Android hand-held device.

From the cloud

  • DVS Desktop as a Service (DaaS) that delivers turnkey desktop virtualization from the Dell cloud. Available as a simplified customer-managed package or as an enterprise-class service managed by Dell.
  • Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager for a comprehensive fixed and mobile device management console, as a cloud-based service.
  • Dell Services provide the expertise and guidance to help ensure timely and cost-effective product implementation.
Dell cloud client computing end-to-end solutions

Enabling you to do more

Dell cloud client computing allows any user to access any app from any device. It enables you to not just accept the consumerization of IT and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), it gives you the products and tools to embrace these growing trends as enablers for your people, your organization, and your customers. Dell makes your migration to virtualized end-user computing and the cloud a natural evolution that will yield measurable gains in productivity while allowing your people to maintain their own optimal work-life balance. By virtualizing your desktops and allowing simple yet secure integration of hand-held devices into your business, your users can be more productive and more fulfilled than ever. And at the same time you can realize the most from your IT budget.


Dell's Cloud Client Computing Advisor tool

Dell’s Cloud Client Computing Advisor tool allows customers to easily configure customized, end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions for up to 50,000 end users. The flexible web-based tool presents a series of simple questions about your desktop virtualization needs and, using complex calculations based off of our proven and validated reference architectures, outputs a custom bill of materials encompassing best-of-breed Dell servers, storage, networking, virtualization software from Citrix or VMware, Dell services, and Dell Wyse thin or zero clients to present to your customers. The Cloud Client Computing Advisor also allows you to quickly and easily obtain a custom quote from your Dell sales team simply by providing the custom solution ID number located on your solution output PDF.