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Wyse to Launch Client Infrastructure Management Software as a Service, Enabling Simple and Secure Management of Any User and Any Device From the Cloud
Project Stratus Combines Intelligent, Integrated and Cross-Platform User and Device Management with Powerful Analytics Engine, Directly Tackling Consumerization of IT Challenges

Wyse Technology, the global leader in cloud client computing, today announced an initiative to enable IT organizations to easily and confidently embrace the consumerization of IT with a holistic cloud-based device management service.  This initiative, codenamed Project Stratus, provides IT administrators with an intelligent and dynamic cloud-based console to securely manage and enable corporate access to any device, including smartphones, tablets, thin clients, zero clients, and PC's—regardless if that device is owned by the company or by the individual. Project Stratus is a secure, highly-available and scalable cloud-based service, allowing customers to have a fully deployed and configured environment in less than an hour, and even scale from tens to thousands of devices overnight, all without any complex or expensive on-premise servers to maintain and upgrade.   

Wyse StratusProject Stratus delivers a unified console that goes beyond standard device management solutions by providing a complete view of the IT infrastructure serving end-users.  The console provides visibility not only into their devices, but also into all the IT assets accessed by these devices. This added visibility into the relationship between users, devices, and the IT ecosystem – combined with a world-class analytics engine -- provides invaluable insight into usage models, trends, and helps to identify areas of investment to more securely and effectively provide corporate services to end users. 

The first step in Project Stratus began with Wyse's acquisition of Trellia in November 2011.  Trellia's expertise in mobile device management (MDM) is now being combined with Wyse's management expertise across a wide variety of end-point devices to deliver a truly breakthrough SaaS offering.  Already, customers seeking to deploy a comprehensive cloud-based management solution for consumer devices such as iOS and Android can take advantage of Wyse's current Enterprise Cloud Hosted service named Wyse EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management).  For more information on about Wyse EMM, please visit,

In the report from Forrester Research entitled "Info Workers Using Mobile And Personal Devices For Work Will Transform Personal Tech Markets," (February 22, 2012) analysts examined the issues and habits of device users.
"The role of info workers choosing their own devices will quickly come out of the shadows as more employees adopt this behavior. The role of employees in tech selection is growing in part because of the growing use of mobile devices beyond just PCs. Inspired by the empowerment of choosing their own mobile devices, employees are increasingly choosing and using the PC devices they use for work as well," according to the report.

"Enabling IT organizations to provide users with simple, secure access to corporate assets has always been a core focus at Wyse; which is why customers trust us to manage over 200 million users daily from our cloud clients," said Hector Angulo, Product Manager at Wyse.  "Project Stratus extends this secure provisioning and management to all the new devices flooding the enterprise, providing for the first time a one-stop shop for device management in the Post-PC era.”

"Between IT challenges around employee-owned end point devices, advances in mobile computing, and the vast proliferation of thin, zero, cloud clients, PCs and more, the biggest challenge to IT today has to do with management," according to Bob O'Donnell, Vice President at IDC.  

Key features of Project Stratus include:

• Simplicity.  Streamlined, discoverable interface with user-centric policy management to help automate user access regardless of what device they are using, including easy exception handling– natural and intuitive management for today’s dynamic IT world
• TCO Reduction.  Cloud-hosted service eliminates costly on-premise servers and enables instant deployment and scaling -- drastically reduces the total cost of operations and ownership
• Real-time Analytics.   Dynamic and instantly personalized data feeds always present admins with the most relevant insight to help expedite the task at hand – powerful analytic engine exposes most important activities, events, and trends
• Actionable.   Pro-active alerts notify admins about compliance violations and other potential issues with option to take contextual actions in-place (i.e. warn user, block, ignore) or automate future mitigation (i.e. automatically approve roaming exception request for all members of ‘executive’ group)
• Time-Saving.  User and device pages that provide instant visibility into any managed asset, including who is using the device, what it is interacting with, and any potential performance or security issues in order to expedite issue identification and resolution
• Unified Console.  Visibility and management of all devices used in the enterprise, with support for smartphones, tablets, thin clients, and zero clients -- one-stop shop for all devices, no more hassle of dealing with many consoles
• Security.  Enterprise-ready, multi-tenant architecture with fully encrypted communication ensures only you have access to your data

The new capabilities described above will be available mid 2012. 

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